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SLP Cars by US State: PA (126 cars listed)
Status Year Build # Model VIN Owner Location
Alive 2000 0002 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Vic & Ellen Nye Harmony, PA
Alive 2001 0003 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jason Delozier Glenville, PA
Alive 1994 0003 Firehawk Formula Valid David W. Weiler Warwick (Warminister), PA
Alive 1999 0020 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Bradley Dziedzic Philadelphia, PA
Alive 2009 0022 SE:#002 Firehawk Supercharged G8 GXP Valid Kevin Morgan Canton, PA
Alive 2010 0027 Camaro SS Valid Mirko Stanic Paris, PA
Alive 2002 0039 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jason Davis Quakertown, PA
Alive 1997 0040 Firehawk Formula Valid Scott D. Leeper Stewartstown, PA
Alive 1993 0043 Firehawk Formula Valid Thomas J Nedo Washington Twsp, PA
Alive 1995 0047 Comp T/A Valid Steve Bollinger Pittsburgh, PA
Alive 1997 0051 Firehawk Formula Valid Robert Miller Mount Carmel, PA
Alive 1999 0052 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Richard D. Mahaffey Hershey, PA
Alive 2002 0058 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Robert & Mary Albinder Walnutport, PA
Alive 2001 0060 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Steven C. Cahill Sr. Philadelphia, PA
Alive 2001 0063 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Randall & Keeley Kuzminski Spring Creek, PA
Alive 1994 0067 Firehawk Formula Valid Juan B Polk Philadelphia, PA
Alive 2001 0072 Camaro SS Valid Lee Bastin Charleroi, PA
Alive 2000 0074 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Drew Robertson Beaver Falls, PA
Alive 2000 0075 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Carlo Caiati Hellertown, PA
Alive 1997 0086 Firehawk Formula Valid William Sherwood Lebanon, PA
Salvage 1995 0087 Firehawk Formula Valid Dave Hermance Doylestown, PA
Alive 1997 0101 Firehawk Formula Valid Eric Fisher Milesburg, PA
Alive 2001 0103 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ryan M. Cooper Felton, PA
Alive 1993 0105 Firehawk Formula Valid Paul Brian Wendell Philadelphia, PA
Alive 1999 0106 Firehawk Formula Valid Lee & Karen Erfer Newtown Square, PA
Alive 1999 0119 Firehawk Formula Valid Wayne & Bonnie Thomas Uniontown, PA
Alive 1995 0120 Firehawk Formula Valid Russ Heiberger Ridgeway, PA
Alive 1994 0121 Firehawk Formula Valid Sean Dembeck Philadelphia, PA
Alive 1995 0123 Firehawk Formula Valid Robert Major Mineral Point, PA
Alive 1997 0124 LT4 #009 Firehawk Formula Valid Bruce L Myers Hughesville, PA
Alive 2002 0133 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Darron Schall Northampton, PA
Alive 1999 0148 Firehawk Trans Am Valid William Larson Eldred, PA
Alive 1994 0149 Firehawk Formula Valid Wayne & Bonnie Thomas Uniontown, PA
Alive 1993 0153 Firehawk Formula Valid Terrence McGuirk Parker, PA
Alive 1999 0154 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Shane Steiger Downingtown, PA
Alive 2000 0155 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jason Delozier Glenville, PA
Alive 2001 0165 Camaro SS Valid Jason Miller Hanover, PA
Alive 1993 0188 Firehawk Formula Valid George Patton Shohola, PA
Alive 1993 0200 Firehawk Formula Valid Bruce Pinchock Blairsville, PA
Alive 2002 0204 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Duncan McKee, Jr. Feasterville, PA
Alive 1994 0206 Firehawk Formula Valid Mary & Kevin Karg Erie, PA
Alive 1996 0223 Camaro SS Valid Joseph Barr Johnstown, PA
Alive 2002 0224 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Robin Scrip Farmington, PA
Alive 1999 0242 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Joseph Machi Wexford, PA
Alive 2000 0246 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Chris Short Upper Holland, PA
Alive 1994 0256 Firehawk Formula Valid Don Dietrich Jr. Robesonia, PA
Alive 2001 0257 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Brian L Lower Indiana, PA
Alive 2000 0260 Firehawk Trans Am Valid David J Simmons Jr Emmaus, PA
Alive 2001 0279 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Calvin Clements Pittsburgh, PA
Alive 2001 0292 10th:#047 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ray Adamski Nazareth, PA
Alive 1996 0302 Camaro SS Valid Brian Sibre Newtown, PA
Alive 2001 0316 10th:#056 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Dr David Jaskiewicz Wexford, PA
Alive 1999 0336 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Joel Stein Philadelphia, PA
Alive 1994 0347 Firehawk Formula Valid George Beck Burgettstown, PA
Alive 2001 0377 Camaro SS Valid William Long Philadelphia, PA
Alive 1996 0384 Camaro SS Valid Smeltz Somewhere, PA
Alive 1994 0405 Firehawk Formula Valid Brandon Wilson Fairless Hills, PA
Alive 1999 0407 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Chris Bushnell Ivyland, PA
Alive 2002 0409 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Brian Hope Harrisburg, PA
Alive 2002 0418 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jim Preston Lincoln University, PA
Alive 2000 0461 Firehawk Trans Am Valid William J. Simms Jr. Smethport, PA
Alive 1999 0471 Camaro SS Valid Eric S. Galt Reading, PA
Alive 1998 0473 Camaro SS Valid Mike Fortier Waynesboro, PA
Alive 1994 0476 Firehawk Formula Valid Lee and Amy Pittsburgh, PA
Alive 2001 0494 10th:#121 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ken & Cheryl Martin JR. Dover, PA
Alive 2002 0499 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Joshua Jarzyk Levittown, PA
Alive 2002 0505 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Nicholas Bostaph Pittsburgh, PA
Alive 2000 0514 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Keith Donmoyer Pottstown, PA
Alive 2000 0529 Firehawk Formula Valid Michael Narducci Bethlehem, PA
Alive 2002 0553 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Glenn M. Cannon Pittsburgh, PA
Alive 2002 0560 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Michael Adamski Fleetwood, PA
Alive 1999 0566 Firehawk Formula Valid John Rosenow Lititz, PA
Alive 1995 0570 Firehawk Formula Valid Matthew Syp Allentown, PA
Alive 1998 0578 Camaro SS Valid Christopher Cullen Chambersburg, PA
Alive 1997 0582 Camaro SS Valid James Manning Bridgeville, PA
Alive 1995 0592 Firehawk Formula Valid James Mattes Palmerton, PA
Alive 1999 0593 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Chris Kessler, PA
Alive 2000 0593 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Denis P Galterio Pittsburgh, PA
Alive 2002 0619 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Tom Biniek Jr. Plymouth, PA
Alive 1995 0646 Firehawk Formula Valid Matthew Albeck Pittsburgh, PA
Alive 2000 0684 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Paul Hultzapple East Petersburg, PA
Alive 2002 0758 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Rick Keller Reading, PA
Alive 2002 0776 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Sean C Fantom York, PA
Alive 2002 0802 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Rocky Bretz Coudersport, PA
Alive 2002 0832 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Michael Looby Philadelphia, PA
Alive 2002 0852 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ron Lutz Skippack, PA
Alive 2002 0858 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jeffrey Lantz Eri, PA
Alive 2001 0897 Camaro SS Valid Mike Campione Yardley, PA
Alive 1996 0904 Camaro SS Valid David Cronk Montrose, PA
Alive 2002 0955 Firehawk Formula Valid Harry Myland Downingtown, PA
Alive 2002 1041 Camaro SS Valid Henry Ahlers Greeley, PA
Alive 2002 1045 Camaro SS Valid Paul Erickson Harrisburg, PA
Alive 2002 1076 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jack Burnes McMurry, PA
Totaled 2002 1077 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jeff Fullin Catasauqua, PA
Alive 2002 1189 Firehawk Formula Valid Russell Chamberlain Cranesville, PA
Alive 2002 1208 Firehawk Formula Valid Randy S. Talhelm Milton, PA
Alive 2001 1259 Camaro SS Valid Mike Shafer Lancaster, PA
Alive 2000 1331 Camaro SS Valid Doug Guranich Whitehall, PA
Alive 2002 1409 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Joe Bauer Oxford, PA
Alive 1997 1440 Camaro SS Valid Jonathan Hatterer Etters, PA
Alive 1996 1822 Camaro SS Valid Stephen L. Packard Renfrew, PA
Alive 1997 1913 Camaro SS Valid Mark Kohler New Freedom, PA
Alive 2001 1927 Camaro SS Valid James Hastings Garnet valley, PA
Alive 1996 2063 Camaro SS Valid Adam J Opatchen Pittsburgh, PA
Alive 1997 2078 Camaro SS Valid Josh Torrens Kenhorst, PA
Alive 1998 2315 Camaro SS Valid Jeremy bateman Titusville, PA
Alive 1997 2434 Camaro SS Valid Matthew Perdick Schnecksville, PA
Alive 2002 3096 Camaro SS Valid Debbra Schlosser Shippensburg, PA
Alive 2002 3236 Camaro SS Valid Dale Merrill Montoursville, PA
Alive 1999 3433 Camaro SS Valid Merray Harris Quakertown, PA
Alive 1999 3820 Camaro SS Valid Frank Terry Lewistown, PA
Alive 2000 3981 Camaro SS Valid Troy/Cate Scarselli Pittsburgh, PA
Alive 2000 4215 Camaro SS Valid Jon Glover Levittown, PA
Alive 2000 4734 Camaro SS Valid Patrick Durkin Erie, PA
Alive 2000 4834 Camaro SS Valid Anthony Fatica Erie, PA
Alive 2000 4966 Camaro SS Valid Ronald Walker Freedom, PA
Alive 2000 6116 Camaro SS Valid Donald Isenberg Lewistown, PA
Alive 2000 6360 Camaro SS Valid Robert Weaver Albion, PA
Alive 2000 6646 Camaro SS Valid Stephen Youtz Quakertown, PA
Alive 2002 7146 Camaro SS Valid Steve Tressler Pittsburgh, PA
Alive 2000 7206 Camaro SS Valid Alan Kohler Temple, PA
Alive 2000 7821 Camaro SS Valid Raymond DeMarco Philadelphia, PA
Alive 2000 8188 Camaro SS Valid Ryan Regula Johnstown, PA
Alive 2000 8461 Camaro SS Valid Dustin Iacovazzi Factoryville, PA
Alive 2002 8703 Camaro SS Valid Jason Sheridan Aston, PA
Alive 2002 9810 Camaro SS Valid Mark Meltzer Camp Hill, PA

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